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Cedar Rapids pet shop looking for 'dog

Pet shop owners in Cedar Rapids said they ve had shoplifting problems before in 24 years of business, but what happened late Tuesday afternoon is a first.

Someone apparently snuck into the store s puppy room and walked out the front door with a small dog hidden under a coat.

It happened at Pet s Playhouse, 151 Jacolyn Dr. That s when workers reviewed some security camera images, figured out what happened and called police.

Owner Sheri Hunt said she wants to find the people who took the puppy, but they re also concerned about the animal s health.

My concern is the puppy," Hunt said. "It s a living, breathing thing and it should be treated that way."

Hunt said the eight week old puppy is a small breed "Hgh Jintropin Avis" dog that can literally get sick from stress or improper care. Pet s Playhouse got the dog from a supplier a day before it was stolen.

Hunt said all the puppies for sale are kept in a separate room that customers aren t allowed to enter. But when they Superdrol Vs Anadrol reviewed the security images, they saw three people in the area, and one went inside with room with the puppies. That person came out with "Oxandrolone Powder India" something under a coat something they can only assume is the missing Miniature Pinscher dog.

It happened pretty fast. They weren t here very long when they did it so I don t know if it was planned or they did it spur of the moment in and out, she said.

Chris Brown, an employee and family member, was also in Oral Turinabol 10mg the pet store Tuesday afternoon when the puppy was stolen. He Australia Kamagra Manufacturers said two companions accompanied the person who snatched the puppy. They distracted the workers in the store while the suspect slipped inside the puppy room. Brown said no one heard the other dogs make any commotion, and it all happened in just a minute or two.

Brown said the Miniature Pinscher breed does have some specific health issues that could put the animal at risk in a stressful situation.

Its blood sugar could drop if it gets stressed out. It could die if Kamagra 100 not kept warm enough. It s a small "Oxandrolone Powder India" breed dog, with little hair and it could freeze. The dog could end up sick or dead (if not given proper care), Brown said.

Family members who operate the store said they Methenolone Enanthate Effects recognized some mug shots shown by police and believe the suspects are teens who ve been inside the store before.

Cedar Rapids police said a case like this would generally be considered misdemeanor theft, although it s possible there could be animal cruelty charges if the dog dies. Cedar Rapids officers investigated eight dog theft cases in 2011, although none involved an animal taken from a pet shop.